Exploration of How Shakespeare Shows the Decline in Lady Macbeth During the Course of Macbeth

Exploration of How Shakespeare Shows the Decline in Lady Macbeth During the Course of Macbeth

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Exploration of How Shakespeare Shows the Decline in Lady Macbeth During the Course of Macbeth
When we first see Lady Macbeth the audience can see her as a strong,
independent lady and yet a loving and devoted wife. As the play
continues the audience can see her gradual deterioration and the
separation between her and her husband until she is seen to lose her
mind and become very troubled, so much so that she ends her own life.

The first scene, in which Lady Macbeth appears in, starts with her
reading a letter from her husband, Macbeth. This letter informs Lady
Macbeth of the witch's prophecies for MacBeth's future. The audience
can see the closeness and love between the two people by MacBeth's
letter; he calls her, 'My dearest partner of greatness'

Once Lady Macbeth has finished reading the letter she fully
understands what needs to be done for him to become King; 'Thus thou
must do, if thou have it'

Lady Macbeth knows that Duncan is an obstacle they have to overcome
and feels that the death of Duncan would help her husband. She also
realises that Macbeth is too kind to kill. Showing the audience how
well the couple know about each other. She thinks that he is too 'full
o' the milk of human kindness.'

Lady Macbeth reads that Duncan has plans to stay in the castle that
night and is overwhelmed with joy in hearing this, she says, 'He
brings good news'

She then instantly taps into the spirit world where she calls upon the
evil spirits to help stop her feeling any remorse ...

... middle of paper ...

...l shown through the

Lady MacBeth goes on to say:

'…. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little

Hand Oh! Oh! Oh!'

Her sighs suggest she is suffering and is tormented by what she and
her husband have done in the past. At this point the audience may feel
a little sympathy for Lady MacBeth as they can see she is truly

The audience can see the dramatic change of Lady Macbeth that took
place in the play. She is seen surprisingly different to how we
visualise her in the beginning. Lady Macbeth starts off a very loving,
strong, independent women and has a very close relationship with her
husband. Unfortunately she doesn't keep these characteristics
throughout the whole of the play and becomes weak, dependent and
troubled by the end of it. Causing herself to commit suicide.

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