Relationships Between Men and Women in Thoms Hardy's Short Stories Essay

Relationships Between Men and Women in Thoms Hardy's Short Stories Essay

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Relationships Between Men and Women in Thoms Hardy's Short Stories

Thomas Hardy was born on June the 2nd, 1848, at Higher Brockhampton in
Dorset, a little hamlet, a few miles from Dorchester. He soon moved to
London to study architecture, writing poems and short stories in his
spare time, eventually moving on to do full-time writing, abandoning

Most of his stories are set in the imagined county of Wessex, which
encompasses the counties, Dorset, Devon, and Cornwall. His novels and
short stories all involved several issues; Victorian relationships and
the dynamics of actual relationships between people and Wessex itself.
In fact the details of relationships in his books help contemporary
historians understand Victorian England.

The five stories I have chosen to compare are: 'The Withered Arm',
'Old Mrs. Chundle', 'Squire Petrick's Lady', 'Superstitious Man', and
'Tony Kytes, The Arch Deceiver'.

The first relationship I will work on will be Tony Kytes and Milly,
Unity and Hanna from 'Tony Kytes, The Arch Deceiver'. The first
relationship described in the story is the relationship between Unity
and Tony. By the point at which we first meet Unity we have already
been told about Tony's fiancé Milly. So from this we can gather
already a few things about the characters because riding in a carriage
with another woman than your wife, in Victorian times, would be most
certainly frowned upon, so we can gather that Tony must be quite an
impulsive fellow and she must like him a lot. We know also that in
Victorian times women followed men not the other way so that is why I
say she must like him.

The conversation in the...

... middle of paper ...

...homas Hardy's short
stories are all very similar, all fulfilling a sort of pattern. Men in
all the stories become infatuated with the beauty of a woman and the
relationships fail because the woman cannot compete, or the beauty of
the woman is taken away. Women are not equal to men, in the stories
men are portrayed as the much more powerful sex, with the most
authority. The females in the stories try all they can to seduce and
manipulate men, but this is always to no avail. Even in 'Old Mrs
Chundle' the friendship between the old woman and the curator ends up
as a desperate battle between the two characters, with the man as the
figure of authority; but when she dies we realise he is not really the
strong character. In fact all the men are not very strong, they have
no depth and in finality are in fact extremely shallow.

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