Essay on The Effect of Charity on People

Essay on The Effect of Charity on People

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The Effect of Charity on People

In part I do agree with this statement, as I do think that charities
do not have the entire effect that Christians want, but I do not feel
that it makes the poor people lazy and keeps them poor.

A charity would struggle to have the entire effect that Christians
would want. The ultimate aim of a charity of course would be to
eliminate poverty throughout the world, and this has certainly not
been achieved. Even with all the charities in the world today, the
individual charities such as Tearfund, Christian aid, and every other
charity working towards the world poverty crisis, there has been
little change in its state. The huge effort made by those involved in
the Band-Aid, who raised millions in order to bring food to those who
have none amidst the famine in Ethiopia, had an effect at the time,
but was not long term but short term aid. The problem of famine
remains. Yes these people need food, but they need the means to
produce food themselves. It is long-term aid that is needed, not

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