Christians' Beliefs About Justice and Forgiveness Essay

Christians' Beliefs About Justice and Forgiveness Essay

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Christians' Beliefs About Justice and Forgiveness

In order to consider Christian beliefs relating to justice, it is
first necessary to understand the meaning of justice. Justice means
being concerned with what is right or fair. In addition, there should
be equality of treatment and the law judged and applied impartially,
Deuteronomy 1:16-18.

Christians believe that our relationships with others should be based
on what is just and in turn this is based on the belief in a just God
and in the teachings and actions of Jesus. God brought the world into
existence not for chaos, but for order. In the sphere of human
behaviour, order is preserved by customs and laws. However, the law
must be constantly checked and updated for fairness. Respect for
justice may require that particular laws are vigorously contested and
reformed. Where a law or a particular government is severely unjust
and incapable of reform through the political process, Christians may
be called to non-violent disobedience in protest. This may be rare in
the ...

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