Research and Methodology to Reserach the Representation of Women in James Bond Films

Research and Methodology to Reserach the Representation of Women in James Bond Films

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Research and Methodology to Reserach the Representation of Women in James Bond Films

My chosen topic was Women and Film and I undertook research, which
focused upon how the representation of women in James Bond films have
changed over the course of the franchise.

I thought the Internet would be a good source as it is reasonably
reliable, up to date, allows me access to a wealth of information
although you have to refine your search to gain access to information
appropriate for you. I decided the most efficient way to browse would
be using various search engines. By refining my search to
"representation of Bond girls/women in Bond" I found a number of
useful sites, which discussed the topic I was focusing on fairly well.
I found an extremely helpful article in the online magazine on the Ian
Fleming website ( Entitled "What's
Love Got To Do With It?" by David Morefield (November 2002) it gave a
very good insight into how the changing roles of Bond girls throughout
the franchise have impacted on Bond's character.

I also found a written piece by Michelle Adams entitled Bond Girls:
Gender, technology and film (March 2003), which I found very
interesting as the writer had used a large amount of American
newspaper and magazine articles as sources and offered a lot of
critical commentary on the analysis of representations of Bond girls.
There was a bit comparing the girls in Bond to the roles of women in
society at the time, which I found extremely interesting, although the
article did not discuss this topic as much as I would have liked.

Based on Adam's article I decided that I should consider ...

... middle of paper ...

...laining my project and asking for their opinion on
how they think the representation of the bond girls have developed and
changed during the course of the franchise. This way I could get a
response from people close to the Bond franchise and from general
women in film and make comparisons and contrasts in their opinions.
The official Bond site creators provided me with some websites I had
in fact already accessed through browsing and did not offer too much
new insight into the topic. The women film website creators did offer
some advice on how to set about research and gave a few opinions about
women and film, which was interesting.

So ultimately I found that by using a range of primary and secondary
research I was able to obtain a range of information, which helped
give many views and opinions regarding my question.

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