Essay about Baptism in the Baptist Church

Essay about Baptism in the Baptist Church

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Baptism in the Baptist Church

Baptism is the "opportunity for a believer to draw nearer to God in
Faith" and to show that they fully trust God to take a hold of their
lives. We know that Baptism is important in Christianity because in
the Bible it states "Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in
the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall
receive the gift of the Holy Spirit" (Acts 2:38)

Baptism and Holy communion in the Baptist Church is not called a
sacrament, as they do not believe that God becomes present during
these ceremonies. Instead they call them Ordinances, "this is
something that Jesus ordained or appointed for his Church to
strengthen Believers" (Pastor Clive Johnston) The Baptism I am going
to talk about is Believers Baptism. This is the baptism of an
individual, who has made their own decision to follow Christ, It is
the public announcement of their love and commitment for God.

Describe a baptismal service and the role played by all those

A baptismal service is usually performed in front of the church
congregation and it would be common for the individual's relatives to
attend. It is in front of these people because they are the witnesses
of this giant leap of faith. In a Believers Baptism the individual is
completely submerged in the water. The Baptism usually occurs during
the Sunday service and at the start of the service a small bulletin
would be given out. This would include a little background about those
getting baptized during the service. It is conducted in a large tank
in front of the church, on a normal Sunday the tank would be hidden
behind doors or a scr...

... middle of paper ...

...e infant baptistery but they also give the
individual the chance to renew their vows, becoming a full member of
the Church, but only if decided by them selves, this act is called
confirmation. This is seen as a milestone in their relationship with
Christ. There is no indication that this ceremony is used in the Bible
but they believe the tradition of the laying on of the hands in the
new testament church is the origin of confirmation.

Before a believer is baptized they would celebrate Jesus death by Holy
Communion; the bread symbolizes Christ's body and the wine, his blood.
Baptism is the way in which they can show God how much his son dying
on the cross means to them. After their Baptism the individual would
see Holy Communion as a way of being with God more closely and would
be more significant to them than before.

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