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Biography of John Clare Essay

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Biography of John Clare

John Clare (1793 - 1864) John Clare was born to a poor labouring
family in Northamptonshire. His education did not extend much beyond
basic reading and writing, and he had to start work herding animals at
the age of seven. This was not a promising start for a future writer,
but in his early teens he discovered The Seasons by James Thomson and
began writing poems himself. His first love, Mary Joyce, was the
daughter of a wealthy farmer; their separation caused Clare great
pain, and it contributed to the sense of loss which pervades much of
his poetry.

First Love is one the famous love poems of our time. The fact that it
is a male wrote this is extraordinary because you rarely see men
writing such poems. In the first stanza of "First Love" the poet is
telling the reader of how he felt at that time. The point of view is
autobiographical meaning that his personal experience is written in
first person. John Clare is writing about his experience that he has
had about his "First Love". He uses word such as "bloomed" to
demonstrate that he is ready for love. The type of love that he
talking about is instantaneous and established by using words for
example "struck" and "sudden". He also uses this phrase "And stole my
heart away complete" emphasis that love is uncontrollable and you'll
never know what will happen and when it will happen. The poet then
describes the physical effects that love is having on him, the
physical reaction. Where it also says "pale as deadly pale"
demonstrates that it is not as positive now. The experience is so
tense that it makes everything else around him seem unreal with is
shown wi...

... middle of paper ...

...stanza he sees and loves her, also
describes his feelings.

The second stanza he finds out her understanding and her response,
finally the last stanza he describes the pain he is going through.
Also the image of his face "as deadly as pale" contrasts with her face
"bloomed like a sweet flower". The poem encourages the reader to
relate to the experience he describes. John Clare uses specific verbs
like rushed, struck, and stole which are powerful verbs that he has

This poem is written in a very straight forward way with simple,
uncomplicated vocabulary which emphasis the vulnerability of the
speaker. The themes in this poem are love, loss, and pain caused by
love. He loves her truly but his love is not returned as he wishes and
will never be the same again and everything he sees will now be

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