Opinion on Abortion Essay

Opinion on Abortion Essay

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Opinion on Abortion

My own opinion of abortion is very varied. There are so many different
reasons for abortions. Every woman who has had one will have had
reasons. I am sure they wouldn't have decided in a few minutes that
they were going to abort their baby. They would have thought long and
hard about what to do. I put myself in the position of someone else.
If I got pregnant now would I really be able to keep it. I would, for
one, have to stop school and miss out on the education I would need to
bring up a child. I probably wouldn't be able to cope with the
emotional pressures and cope with the pain of giving birth. It all
seems so easy before you see it through someone else's eyes. Women
don't just have an abortion as an urge of the moment thing.Abortion is
the termination of a pregnancy, known as 'murdering' of the foetus.
There are many theories of the foetus being starved of oxygen, or the
womb being filled with a toxic gas, crushed up, and extracted from the
womb. This is all very well, but remember this foetus will be less
than twenty-four weeks old and is not able to feel pain anyway. If the
foetus was brought into the world unwanted, unloved and entering into
a life of torture, is this not where the pain comes in? Is it not
better that the child had passed away painlessly as an embryo in the
mother's womb, rather than having a life of torture? Of course, not
all abortions take place due to the welfare of the child's life when
it leaves the mother's womb. I do not agree with the pregnancy being
terminated because of the sex of the child. I do not see that as being
a valid reason.

About Abortions:

In the UK, the 1...

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...s to abortion argue
that the rights of the unborn child override those of the mother. I
think that the woman should be allowed to make her own choice, as it
her body and it is her life that will be affected by the birth of the


In conclusion I consider the dilemma of abortion is not one that can
be overcome quickly. Each case is different; each woman has different
needs, hopes and dreams. Who are we to judge one of the hardest
decisions of her life? And who are we to say if it is right or wrong?
, but we can express our opinions towards it. I believe that abortions
should be available but that a woman should have a valid reason for
aborting the baby. I don't think a woman should be able to walk into a
clinic and have an abortion but they should need the consent of 2
doctors as they do now.

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