A Comparison of Wilfred Owens' Disabled and Exposure Essay

A Comparison of Wilfred Owens' Disabled and Exposure Essay

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A Comparison of Wilfred Owens' Disabled and Exposure

Tension and disability. A comparison between two poems, all of which
are about war and the effects on the mind. Owen talks about World War
1 and how it can affect different people in different ways, his
feelings are echoed in the form of characters. Both poems show how
companionship almost ends due to war, all the old friends either die
or never see you again. The endings and startings in each poem have
the same effect; they leave the reader with a question; is war
necessary? This question is very important, every soldier at the time
must have been thinking why the war actually began, why did Britain
get involved? Owen never answered this, but poems were still very

'Disabled' is about a young man, which went to war, and was sent off
like a hero. When he came back a year later, he realised that if he
kept in one piece he would have been loved still, but with arms and
legs missing. 'Legless, sewn short at elbow', shows the physical
implication on the young man, this is like 'Exposure', the first line
'Our brains ache, in the merciless iced east winds that knive us…' the
soldiers were exhausted from waiting for something to happen, while
the cold winter winds were slowly exhausting them. 'Voices of boys
rang saddening like a hymn', the shouts of the boys in the park
depress the disabled boy, as he used to be one of them, in the
alternative way 'Worried by silence, sentries whisper, curious,
nervous', the soldiers make some noise as it is so quiet, albeit it is
still disappointing as they are bored, on the contrary wake as 'the
night is silent'. The mood for each po...

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...how helpless he was, the weather is
cold, and he is all alone and the workers of the institute do not take
him inside. This also shows how insignificant he was, as his not
remembered. This line can be linked to the recruiting poster of 1914,
'Will they never come?' The soldiers were always expecting
reinforcements to come and help them in the war. This soldier is also
fighting a war, not against the Germans, but against himself, the
mental scars that have been inflict upon him, at the loss of his
limbs; the help his is expecting at the time are the nurses. The last
image in Exposure is horrifying, as you can see men frozen in ice,
while Disabled creates a mournful ending, with him sitting alone,
surrounded by complete strangers. The metre in both poems seems to
slow down, to almost a stop in both poems towards the end.

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