Essay about Mersault, Antigone and Gregor as Outsiders

Essay about Mersault, Antigone and Gregor as Outsiders

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Mersault, Antigone and Gregor as Outsiders
In every society there is an outsider, a person who stands out amongst
the crowd, someone who does not fit in with the norm. Most of the time
it is obvious who the outsider in a group is, but sometimes it takes a
deeper look into the personality and characteristics of a person to
see the traits that make the person an Outsider. The characters that
will be compared are Mersault from Camus's "The Outsider", Sophocles's
Antigone and Gregor Samsa from Kafka's Metamorphosis. Each of these
characters is portrayed as an outsider in their own society. In some
of the texts it is obvious which ways make the characters an outsider,
in others there are more subtle ways that influence the reader into
seeing the character as an outsider. The authors combine their own
writing techniques, the characteristics of the characters and the
norms of the society to define the characters as outsiders. To compare
the ways in which Mersault, Antigone and Gregor can be defined by the
term, the outsider, we must first look at the writing techniques that
their creators use, then the personal characteristics that define
their personalities and actions and last of all the depiction of the
societies in which they live and how they impact the reader's
perception of characters.

The writing techniques differ throughout the texts especially since
Sophocles's Antigone is a play. One of the common techniques that the
authors use is contrasting their main characters with minor characters

... middle of paper ...

...ought were
important. One of the most important things when defining characters
as an outsider is to look at what the author did not tell us. Leaving
a question mark, and thus stopping the reader from being able to
connect with the character. The last point is something that
indirectly affects the characters and the reader. The society in which
the text is set, has a background effect on the readers perspective,
when contrasting or comparing the character to the norm of the society
it is possible to see that they are outsiders. Antigone, Mersault and
Gregor it seem are defined by the term "the outsider" by their
creators and the readers. Consciously or not they all stand out, and
this makes the books and plays so intriguing in this aspect. They
question our own position in relation to others and society in

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