Essay on The Aim of the National Trust to Provide Time Capsules of Ownership

Essay on The Aim of the National Trust to Provide Time Capsules of Ownership

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The Aim of the National Trust to Provide Time Capsules of Ownership

The National Trust aims to provide time capsules of ownership in and
around the Wimpole Estate. Wimpole Hall had many owners over a period
of about 400 years, each owner leaving their own legacy. The National
Trust has the job of untangling the layers of history to recreate
snapshots of different points in time. By examining each owner and
their stamp on Wimpole, it is possible to see whether the National
Trust is successful in creating their stated aim.

The first visual record of Wimpole is in 1638, when Benjamin Hare drew
his detailed map of Wimpole. At this time it stood as a moated manor
house. In 1640 Thomas Chicheley inherited Wimpole. He completely
destroyed the previous manor house at Wimpole and designed and built a
new hall. This is the central block of Wimpole as it exists today.
Thomas Chicheley also expanded the park to the west of the house and
established formal rectangular gardens and an avenue of trees to the
south. Very little of the original Wimpole remains from the time of
Thomas Chicheley, as so many owners after him changed and modified his
original park and gardens. The main hall still exists as a time
capsule of Chicheley, although changes have been added to his original

Lord Radnor bought the estate in 1686. He extended the formal gardens,
but made very little other changes. Lord Radnor is hardly represented
at all as an owner of Wimpole as very little exists of his influence.

In 1711 Wimpole passed to the Harley family. Lord Harley employed
English architects and painters. James Gibbs, an architect of the time
was commis...

... middle of paper ...

...time period
would be best to recreate, and often which time period would be
easiest to recreate. It is difficult deciding whose fashion or style
should be used.

In conclusion the National Trust has been quite successful in the time
capsules already created, although few are exact. The public when
visiting Wimpole Hall, have the opportunity to experience the
influence of its owners at various points in time. The work of The
National Trust goes on and they will in the future be able to develop
further the balance they seem to have achieved in their recreation of
historical times.

Sources of information I used to write my essay were The Wimpole Hall
Guidebook, source sheets about Wimpole and The National Trust. A site
visit and the Internet site; also helped me collect
information for my essay.

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