Essay on A Comparison of Beauty and the Beast with Toy Story

Essay on A Comparison of Beauty and the Beast with Toy Story

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A Comparison of Beauty and the Beast with Toy Story


Disney is an excellent example of a Media corporation as it is known
worldwide, go any where in the world and ask someone about Mickey
Mouse or Daffy Duck and they will know that you are talking about
Disney. They have a huge range of advertising and merchandise ranging
from children's books and films to holiday resorts and theme parks.
The Disney brand appeals to all, children and adults alike.

Beauty and the Beast is a classic film using old style animation
techniques. It has been recently digitally re-mastered for the next
generation to enjoy the magic of Disney. In comparison Toy Story uses
computer generated images which saves time and gives a more realistic
feel to the film.

Although these are very different films they still have some
similarities. In both films the main characters go on journeys to
learn something about life or about them-selves. In Beauty and the
Beast the main characters are human if you count the beast as a human
and in Toy Story the main focus is on the toys. Both films appeal to a
wide audience although Toy Story has some more mature humour and
references to more adult-orientated films.


Woody is a very stereotypical cowboy. The boots, cowboy hat and
phrases his voice box say all add to his character. His costume makes
you know straight away that Woody is a cowboy.

Woody is the villain in Toy Story at the beginning of the film when
Buzz first arrives in the bedroom. He is jealous of Buzz as he is not
getting the same respect from his friends as before. The other toys
now admire Buzz whereas before it was W...

... middle of paper ...

...s this well but without letting you knows it
has. The meaning is there very clearly and you learn it but the way
the film is presented makes it fun and humorous along the way.

Since Beauty and the Beast was made a lot has changed about the Disney
image, they are not just making films for children anymore and are
aiming at a much wider audience. The animation techniques have changed
too, in Beauty and the Beast they used hand drawn frames and in Toy
Story it is digitally animated using computers. This makes the whole
process a lot faster and easier.

As a member of the Disney audience I enjoy the more recent digitally
animated films then the older films but can still appreciate them for
how good they are. I don't believe my views are based on the look of
the films but I prefer the plots and humour in the newer films.

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