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As we all waited in line to go into the concert there was a thrill of
excitement in the air. I was standing there with two of my friends
when we saw a few other people we knew. " Hey, come over here!" I
bellowed. Three tall gothic boys slouched over to us. As we were
talking the line started to move in an uneasy shuffle. We neared the
entrance, where a tall bouncer with a voice that rumbled like thunder
was standing. He asked for our tickets and in unison we passed them to
him. He checked our tickets, nodded a curt nod and let us through.

The only light in the room came from onstage and there were only about
20 people in the mosh pit. Surrounding the mosh pit were metal bars,
then a few steps. To the back there was a balcony curving around the
room and then under that there were all the merchandising stalls. We
wandered into the mosh pit; we were only a few metres away from the
stage. There was a hum of voices as more people filed in. After 15
minutes people were starting to get frustrated because nothing was
happening. Suddenly there was activity onstage and the lights dimmed
the first support band, Slam Cartel came on. The mosh pit went wild,
jumping, pushing and head-banging. In all this chaos I suddenly felt
out of breath, we all clambered out of the pit and onto the steps.

One of my friends kept asking me if I was ok and I said that I felt
really out of breath and had a sharp pain in my chest. We came to the
conclusion that I had probably cracked a rib. Surprisingly it didn't
actually hurt that much! By this time Slam Cartel had finished their

After a few minutes we went over to merchandising stand and Slam
Cartel ...

... middle of paper ...

...ore energy and power.

Through out the whole night I kept that energy. By the twelfth song,
which was the last I still could feel the atmosphere, the pride and
the gratitude. We were just happy to be in their presence. For the
last song the whole crowd moved together in a bizarre, alternative
dance. When it came to the chorus, Dave stopped singing and everyone
in the room sung the chorus back. I felt the unity with everyone in
that room although I hardly knew any of them. The song ended. The
night was over. Dave thanked us and smiled. "I love all of you!
Remember that you are your own person and no one could ever change
that." He walked offstage. The first people started leaving the hall.
I looked at my friends and grinned. The night was one to be remembered
I thought to myself as we left the concert and went outside.

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