Essay on Review of Desire's Baby

Essay on Review of Desire's Baby

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Review of Desire's Baby

In the story "Desires baby" a baby is found next to a pillar and is
taken in by by the Valmondee couple. Monsieur and Madame Valmondee
raise Desiree as their own, Desiree grows up and falls in love with a
young man called Armand. They fall in love and get married; Armand
feels for her so much that he doesn't care the slightest about her
obscure background. They soon have a baby and are deeply in love until
Armand discovers that the child is of a different skin colour. Armand
is very unhappy as he thinks that Desiree has had an affair with one
the slaves, he forces her out and wants nothing to do with her.
Desiree becomes very distressed and cannot live without Armand, so
decides to kill herself and her baby.

We find out that Desiree had a hard life because she was abandoned as
a child, and her past could have affected her decision to commit
suicide, as she has been left before and cannot bear to be left again.
Desiree loves Armand so when he tells her to leave and take the baby
with her she is uncontrollable this leads to a hidden twist to the
story, the eventual death of Desiree and her baby. This totally shocks
the reader, as it is completely unexpected. The final twist to the
story is when Armand finds a letter from his mother to her farther
thanking God for not letting Armand know that his mother is belonging
to the race branded with the curse of slavery. This is completely
unexpected and saddening as she killed herself for no reason when it
wasn't her fault.

Kate Chopin was born in 1850 and died in 1899 she was an American

... middle of paper ...

...o her eventual suicide was all for nothing because
absolutely none of it was her fault.

My views of Desiree are that she has had a hard, tragic life thought.
Straight from birth she was abandoned and just before she died she was
abandoned again. She also committed suicide for nothing leaving her
life to come to such an unnecessary end. My thought on Armand are that
he is definitely two faced he said that he didn't care one bit about
desires obscure origins but when push came to shove he didn't support
her in the slightest, it was the one time when she desperately needed
him he threw her out. The message that I think that Kate chopping
wanted to get across in the story was that things are not always what
they first seem, and even if things get bad that there is no need to
end your life because nothing cannot be fixed.

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