Essay about Review of the Gladiator

Essay about Review of the Gladiator

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Review of the Gladiator At start of the film the shots are close up to the Robin seating on
the branch. A Robin has connotations of winter and morning, as this is
the time when the Robins usually come out and bird is a symbol of
freedom. We then return to the shot of the main character; we see
facial expression as he smiles, we assume that he is smiling
untroubled at this bird. At the background there is Spanish music that
has the fact been played tells us he is Spanish. The music is played
in parallel in this scene, which makes it more realistic. After a
while we have a crane shot as the Horses come marching in. From this
shot we see the scenery this sets the scene and shows us where we are.
It emphasis the army and how many people there are. During this scene
non-dialectic sounds start to build up with the dialectic sound. The
Horses galloping into the building the dramatic atmosphere, as the
Music gets aggressive. The next shot we see is from behind the Romans
Army, which suggests that we (Audience) are on their side. The Romans
army are lined up in shiny armour, which shows that they are
civilized. Whereas the Barbarians Army come running out of the forest
without any stragedy making noise reflects animal behaviour which
shows that they aren't civilized. Before the fight begins between
Maximus and Commodus, Commodus shows affection by hugging him this
shows that Commodus wants to become the good man in the publics (us)

... middle of paper ...

...t", yet nicely balanced
against scenes of powerful dialogue and plot development. In fact,
much about this film seems like "Brave heart" in a Roman Gladiator

There are many contrasts used in the film, Such as when Russell Crowe
is daydreaming. In his dream the sun is shining and he is walking
through a cornfield. You can tell that it is a memory because in the
next seen it switches to reality, the dark and dismal reality, war.

The certificate for this film is 15 showing that it is aimed at adults
and older teenagers. This is because you need an adult frame of mind
to understand all of the symbolism in the film. For example, the robin
that flies from the battle scene symbolizing freedom. Another example
would be the dog. The dog symbolizes faith and loyalty, but also
symbolizes aggression and dominance.

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