Essay on The Reasons Behind the Development of Women's Suffrage Campaign

Essay on The Reasons Behind the Development of Women's Suffrage Campaign

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The Reasons Behind the Development of Women's Suffrage Campaign

Ans.1: From 1837 to 1901 Britain, reached its highest power, and was
ruled over by a female monarch. Queen Victory ruled over a society in
which women were denied the same political rights as men, in
employment they experienced exploitation, whilst the doors to
professional careers remained closed to them. Society expected women
to be wives and mothers and assumed that women were economically and
socially dependant on men. The vote was seen as a device which could
be utilized to force the government to take women's issues seriously.
Thus began the suffrage movement in the years after 1870.

Education was seen by feminists as the key to unlock the closed doors
of the masculine world of politics. The pauper children went to
workhouse schools, and the young factory workers attended factory
schools. The girls of a higher class went to state schools, which
taught them the basic reading, writing and mathematical skills. The
system emphasized subjects like cookery, needlework, housewifery at
the expense of other subjects. All women, whatever the intelligence or
capability were denied access to both universities and medical
schools. As a result of their poor education, women had limited career
options. Working class women were employed in a variety of unskilled
and low paid jobs, in factories and workhouses. In 1870 as a result of
the Education Act, women were eligible to serve on the newly created
School Boards which had responsibility for the education of children
in state schools.

The feminists realized that unless great changes were made to the
education received, wome...

... middle of paper ...

...hange in leaders who were more sympathetic to their cause. They
used the war as an excuse to give women the right to vote. On the
basis of this I disagree with the statement. However if women had not
contributed to the war effort with the fervor that they did,
parliament may not been able to justify giving women the vote. In this
way I agree with the statement.

Therefore on the basis of the above, I partially agree with the

The Women's Suffrage Movement in Britain 1866-1928 by Sophia A. van

Votes for Women (Women's History) by June Purvis and Sandra Stanley


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