Essay about Analysis of The Killers by Hemingway

Essay about Analysis of The Killers by Hemingway

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The Evidence of professionalism on the part of the two killers, Al and
Max, is that they both wear a kind of uniform. They wear overcoats
that are too tight for them, gloves to prevent finger prints, and
Derby hats. This might be for intimidation, to suggest they are
gangsters or something similar, or it could be so that they are not so
easily identified by people describing them to the police. They secure
the diner before they start the intimidation. They also act
professionally when dealing with the hostages, George, Nick and Sam,
by confusing them. The two killers had done their homework as they
knew that if Andreson was coming he would come at 6:00. When Max is
talking to George he looks in the mirror and not directly at him. They
confuse George by ordering food that's not available and not listening
to George when he's telling them what they can have. They then confuse
him by forgetting what they ordered. They also tease George and Nick
by calling them "bright boy" and suggesting that they are homosexual
to make them fell small and insignificant. They say things like "go
around the other side of the counter with your boyfriend" and "you'd
make some girl a nice wife, bright boy."

Al and Max seem to have known each other for a long time because they
make fun of each other and argue a lot. I think Al might be the
superior of the two because he accuses Max of "talking too damn much."
He also seems the more professional of the two because he criticises
the way Max talks too much to George and telling him too much about
why they're here and what they're doing. I think he just wants to get
the job done and get out of there while Ma...

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...nt story because of the way Al and Max treat George,
Nick and Sam. Although they are not physically violent but there are
many examples of them being emotionally abusive. And there is a threat
of violence through the whole story. They abuse George and Nick's
sexuality and make racist comments about Sam. It is also violent in
the sense of what Al and Max were planning to do to Ole Andreson.

The ending of the story is very effective as a cliff hanger. No one knows
what happens to Ole and the
question about why they wanted him dead is left unanswered. Also when
Nick says "I'm going to get out of this town" it leaves you wondering
about all the characters and what happen next. It also leaves you
wondering what kind of town Summitis and if this happens often. It is
left up to the reader to think about what will happen next.

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