Essay about Willy Loman's Vision of America in Death of a Salesman

Essay about Willy Loman's Vision of America in Death of a Salesman

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Willy Loman's Vision of America in Death of a Salesman

Arthur Miller's 'The Death of a Salesman,' is about a man, Willy
Loman, whose life is going downhill and coming to an end. Willy Loman
was a good salesman because he cared and was honest and through his
personality he sold his goods. Time has moved on, but Willy hasn't.
The business world has moved ahead and the way of selling goods had
changed, but Willy can't see this.

Willy Loman has never come to terms with reality. His life is a dream
and derives all his pleasures from the past and he always assures
himself that all is well. His problem is that his role models are out
of place in the modern business where heartlessness and hostility win
the battle in business.

Willy's character is full of pride; he doesn't really care about
anything else. If he has his pride, he is happy. He has pride in his
sons and pride in being independent. He's the type of person who likes
to do things independently and refuses help from others; like in the
play he refuses help from Charlie even when he lost his job. Willy has
a lot of hope in him, he doesn't give up on anything and he will
always try his best.

'Willy. I was driving along, you understand? And I was fine. I was
even observing the scenery. You can imagine me looking at the scenery,
on the road every week of my life. But it's so beautiful up there,
Linda, the trees are so thick, and the sun is warm.'

This is said by Willy right at the beginning of the play when he
returns home because he 'couldn't keep his mind on it.' Willy loves
his job and he feels free when he is on the open road travelling to
work. I think he has realiz...

... middle of paper ...

...his mother, and she reveals that he has been
trying to kill himself, and he is only happy when he hears from Biff.

Willy knows he has failed in life and he knows there is not much left
for him. He was a man full of pride but has realized there is nothing
really to be proud of. He knows he cannot move on from the past, and
only figured out one way of succeeding. At the end of the play he
commits suicide by purposely crashing his car. He does this because he
thinks family will benefit from his life insurance money and they can
finally pay off the bills so they can be out of debt for once. This
shows that Willy Loman really cared about his family and killed
himself for them. This shows the real Willy Loman, he was very caring
and determined and he knew there was nothing left in his life so he
helped the people he loved.

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