Mercutio's Part in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Essay

Mercutio's Part in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Mercutio's Part in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet, one of the most outstanding stage plays in the
world, was produced by William Shakespeare in around 1595. It is one
of the greatest tragedies ever produced as it explores and expresses
the sensations of love and has the most memorable storylines of all
time. One of the most entertaining characters Shakespeare has created
throughout his career without a doubt is Mercutio, who is the kinsman
to prince Escales and could be argued to be the most significant
character in the play. The following argument will bring about the
essay that I am writing.

Mercutio, though he is one of the most influential characters of Romeo
and Juliet, still plays the 'second fiddle' to Romeo and maybe even
Juliet (as it might be suggested by the title). However his
intelligence, wit and charisma have a huge part to play in the outcome
of the play. This means that it could be argued that Mercutio is as
important as he thinks he is.

Mercutio is perhaps the most cynical and poised characters in the
history of stage plays. His insolence and irresponsible bawdiness make
him a brilliantly effective figure on stage. Love to him is to be
treated roughly and his outrageous comments and gestures to the other
characters are wittily exaggerated, bringing great entertainment and
comedy moments to the play. Mercutio's main role in the play is to
enhance the purity of Romeo's love by contrast. He acts as Romeo's
conscience when he urges him in to the ball. Moreover the figurative
'Queen Mab' speech, where the almost mystical and enchanting midwife
ends up as an incubus, shows how Mercutio us...

... middle of paper ...

...nd comedy makes his character vital to the
play and to keep the audience entertained.

Mercutio has an essential part to play in the whole play despite the
fact that Romeo and Juliet are the main characters. It is he who
unites them both and his relationship with Romeo is vital to the play.
Overall it is Mercutio's characteristics, language, themes that he
adds and appeal to the audience which makes him such an interesting
character to watch. When Mercutio feels a false sense of honour, it
will ironically contribute to the death of his friend. Merutio had
seemed to turn the play into a comedy at times: but some can say that
it is with his death that we know the play to be a tragedy. He is one
of the greatest characters that Shakespeare has ever created and his
character is essential to the whole play Romeo and Juliet.

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