Characters of Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare Essay

Characters of Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare Essay

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Characters of Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

The title "What you Will" is a perfect summary of the whole play. This
story is about deception in character, being something you are not;
whether it being disguising gender, true feelings or beliefs.

We never no the real to why Viola chose to disguise her gender. We
must assume that she wants to conceal her identity until she has
gathered enough information about where she is and maybe feels safer
dressed as a boy. He is resourceful and does not take pity on herself,
despite the fact she thinks she has lost her brother she quickly moves
on and tries to make do with the situation.

Her brother describes her as "beautiful with a mind that envy could
not call for." Sebastian is expressing that she is beautiful yet
clever and level-headed. Her eloquence and integrity in which she
conducts herself catches Olivia's attention, resulting into some
seriously difficult situations.

Viola is also selfless, accepting fate and the limitations it places
upon her. She knew she had fallen in love with Duke Orsino and had the
perfect opportunity to come clean and express how she felt when he
asked her about what she thought women should be like. She did not lie
to him nor did she tell him the truth her ability to manipulate
language saved her from revealing her true identity. She even subtly
hinted to the Duke how she felt but her clever language technique made
it ambiguous.

She is also very aware of where she stands in many situations. When
she realises Olivia has fallen in love with her and that she is caught
up in a love triangle, she knows there is little she can do, saying: "
O tim...

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...nking he has a chance with Olivia.

Although he is a knight- he is not respected even though he has a
brave heroic title. It seems like a joke that someone like him can be
named a knight. This could be a parody of true stereotypical knights.
Compared to other characters he is very low in the character spectrum
although his title is quite high.

At the end of the play even his "friend", Sir Toby deceives him. He is
a laughing stock- stealing some of the lime light from Malvolio. Many
jokes in the play arise from his inadequate grasp on words. When he
was introduced to Maria, Sir Andrew is subjected into making a fool
out of himself from the misunderstanding of the word "accost."

I conclude that there are few strong characters who understand
themselves and know what they want; not being cloudy in their

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