Essay on Why Britain Won the Battle of Britain

Essay on Why Britain Won the Battle of Britain

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Why Britain Won the Battle of Britain

After taking France in addition to his list of captured countries on
mainland Europe, Adolf Hitler set his sights on Britain. After the
success of Blitzkrieg, the evacuation of Dunkirk and the surrender of
France, Britain was by herself. However, before Hitler could
contemplate undertaking an invasion he was advised by his generals
that Germany had to destroy the Fighter Command of the Royal Air Force
in order to gain superiority in the air. This would in turn enable him
to gain control of the English Channel in order to transfer the
160,000 German troops on the 2000 invasion barges, which had been
assembled in German, French and Belgian harbors, over the channel to
Britain unscaved. Between august and September in the summer of 1940,
under the codename of operation sealion the planes of the German
Luftwaffe attacked British airfields, ports and radar stations in an
attempt to gain air superiority, while Britain was defended
tenaciously by the Royal Air Force. This period of time became known
as the Battle of Britain and remains one of the most famous battles of
world war two, if Britain had lost, Germany would have invaded. After
taking the captured European countries with no serious problems,
Hitler expected that Britain too would be an easy target. However,
against the odds Britain held out and resisted the German attack. In
this essay I am going to examine how Britain managed to resist the
Luftwaffe and as some would say, win the Battle of Britain. For this
essay I will anylise the reasons for the British success under the
four main categories of: tactics, technology, organization and

... middle of paper ... errors, it still took the
bravery and ability of the RAF to exploit these mistakes and defeat
the Germans for the first time in the war. The Battle of Britain was a
turning point in the sense that it was the first time that German
forces had been defeated. The survival of Britain meant that it could
later be used as the staring point for the liberation of Europe.
However, some historians now regard it as being of less importance
from a military point of view. Hitler may well not have been able to
invade Britain even if the Luftwaffe had been able to defeat Fighter
Command. The German armed forces were completely unprepared for an
invasion and Operation Sealion was opposed by all of the German High
Command. Hitler lost interest in Britain in 1941 when he ordered
Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union.

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