Essay The Main Features of a Place of Christian Worship

Essay The Main Features of a Place of Christian Worship

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The Main Features of a Place of Christian Worship

There are many different styles of church building. Some are highly
decorated and dominate the landscape. Others are plain, undecorated
and simple. The style of church building usually reflects the way in
which each denomination chooses to worship.

Anglican churches are often built in the shape of a cross, this is
called a cruciform. It is a symbol of Christian belief. The central
part of the cross shape is known as the nave.

Anglican churches have spirals or towers, pointing to the sky. A spire
makes the church easier to see. These remind Christians to look up to
God. It is a symbol of reaching up to God, and is used to make the
building a prominent feature of the community.

The most important part of Anglican churches is the Altar, when
worshipers face the altar, they are facing east. This is where the sun
rises; this is symbolic because of the resurrection of Jesus. The
Altar is also where the Eucharist is celebrated; many Christians feel
that the altar is the place where Jesus' presence is most deeply felt
during the Eucharist.

In an Anglican churches somebody preaches, the place preached from is
usually high enough for the congregation to see and hear them. This is
known as the 'pulpit'. It is usually made of wood or stone and is
reached by a few steps. In Methodist churches, the pulpit is the most
important feature, unlike Anglican churches which is the altar.

Many churches have stained glass window decorations, often expressing
a story or telling a belief. It is not there to be worshiped, but a
reminder of what Jesus had done. These windows also help to add the

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It is important to receive mass/communion and this is done at church.
The reason why it is important is because on Maundy Thursday, Jesus
gave the 12 disciples the 'body and blood'. Therefore Christians must
follow Jesus' actions as he is the son of God, and God incarnate.

A non-christen would say that it is important to live a good Christian
life than to attend church. Since at judgement day, God will only
judge those who have lived a righteous life, not those who only
attended church.

Although, a Christian would say that being in church brings you closer
to God, because the messages and hymns helps a Christian to live a
better Christian life.

Moreover, you do not have to go to church to be a good Christian, but
a Christian would believe that going to church would make a Christian
a better person.

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