Essay on The Changes Proctor and Hale Go Through as the Play Progresses

Essay on The Changes Proctor and Hale Go Through as the Play Progresses

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The Changes Proctor and Hale Go Through as the Play Progresses

In this play I will be analysing the changes that Proctor and Reverend
Hale go through.

'The Crucible' is a tragic play that reflects the 1692 Salem
witchcraft trials which contemplates the key figures caught up in the
persecution. It powerfully portrays people and principles under

"The Crucible" is a cross between a parable and an allegory. Miller
wrote the Crucible in 1953 during the McCarthy period when Americans
were accusing each other of pro-communist beliefs. Many of Millers
friends were being attacked as communists, and in 1956, Miller himself
was brought before the house of Un-American Activities committee where
he was found guilty of beliefs in communism. The play reflects on the
events of the McCarthy era in USA of the 1950s whilst explaining the
Salem witch trials, educating us about 'human society'.

The play starts with a group of girls dancing in the forest; they are
caught, and are accused of practising witchcraft. In order to save
themselves they accuse other people for 'bewitching them' or for
'bidding them to do the devils work'. The main girl Abigail accuses
many people as they are making it hard for her to lie. One of the few
that gets accused is John Proctor's wife, Elizabeth. She accuses
Elizabeth because she is in love with Proctor and cannot accept that
he does not love her, but loves his 'sickly wife'.

Proctor is a farmer in his mid thirties with a wife and three sons. He
is the main character and is well developed during the course of the
play. His function in the play is to be an example of a sinner who is
able to acce...

... middle of paper ...

...ed us that accusing each other
was just a reason to express long held hatreds that was never ending.
He showed this through Proctors and Hales character as these were the
two people who realised what was going on. Miller chose to do it in
Hales character because it would make more of an impact to the
audience as he believed in the system in the beginning and it made the
audience think that the system must have been corrupt if Hale turned
against it. In Proctors character however he is always against the
system from the start. He puts a stop to it by dying because he does
not the system to succeed. This makes the audience feel that
sympathetic towards him showing them that all the accusing had to be
ending. These two characters make it clear that this play is an
allegory as each character represents everyone in society.

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