Essay on Different Approaches to Screen Violence

Essay on Different Approaches to Screen Violence

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Different Approaches to Screen Violence

Violence is a strong issue in society. In a world that is surrounded
by terrorism, aggression and crime, the way violence is represented in
the media can be crucial. Most viewers define violence as an act that
breaks out of a personal comfort zone and therefore opinions of how
violent a scene is can differ. Arguments for the link between violence
in the media and real life focus on the perpetrator of violence being
unable to acknowledge the difference between reality and the fiction
portrayed in film. These opinions however, are frequently the results
of a public who use violent films as a scapegoat for physical aspects
that shape people's lives. Social issues such as divorce,
unemployment, stress, homelessness and other factors have a prevalent
role in people's lives.

The two films that I am going to discuss are "Fight Club", directed by
David Fincher and "The Legend of the Drunken Master" directed by
Chia-Liang Liu. First and foremost these two films have both been
rated'18' for disturbing and graphic depiction of violent anti-social
behaviour, sexuality and explicit language.

In Fight Club the sound plays an important role throughout the scene.
Unlike Drunken Master, Fight Club has a narrator. These voice-overs
take away the impact of the violence. The things he says like "No one
wins or loses at fight club, no situations are resolved." makes the
viewer see that there is much more reason to the fights, than just
brawls. The diagetic sounds of the actual fights themselves have been
hugely exaggerated we hear the hard blows to the face in great detail.
The crowd circling the fight...

... middle of paper ...

...t increase the pace of the scene. The camera
is usually at a fixed position and follows the action. There are no
reaction shots so we don't see much emotion during the scene. This
distances us from the violence and helps to make it seem less real
because we don't see the pain being caused.

Overall Fight Club is the more realistic of the two. We can relate to
the characters and the violence, whereas with Drunken Master, because
of the Asian influences and the style of fighting, we simply cannot
relate to it. We portray martial arts as a kind of sport and art these
days, so it instantly takes away from the violence. Also the different
aspects of film language, which I have discussed, show this. Drunken
Master is shown as more light-hearted and visually impressive,
therefore we see Fight Club as the more violent film.

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