How the Structure of A View From The Bridge Helps us Understand the Tragedy of Eddie Carbone

How the Structure of A View From The Bridge Helps us Understand the Tragedy of Eddie Carbone

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How the Structure of A View From The Bridge Helps us Understand the Tragedy of Eddie Carbone

Arthur Miller in recent years has become one of the world's most
important and influential playwrights. The plays he produces give a
deep understanding of how the characters think. Especially when they
find themselves in awkward or bad situations, such as, misplaced love.

The play, which this essay is going to investigate, is 'A View From
The Bridge'. This is one of many which Miller has written. However it
is very different. Miller had set himself a task, to write a Modern
Greek tragedy. Greek tragedies feature around a hero who has a fatal
flaw, which leads to his or her death.

Throughout 'A View From The Bridge' there are several elements that
resemble Greek drama. Eddie is the tragic, mad character who is
helpless in the face of his own terrible fate. Alfieri acts as the
chorus in the play. He provides commentary on the action of the drama.
Eddie Carbone is an epic character; he makes bold moves and does
things that are completely out of the ordinary.

It is evident from the beginning of 'A View From The Bridge' that it
will end in a tragedy.

Alfieri is a lawyer in his fifties who works for the Sicilian
community in Brooklyn. He opens the play with a concise but full
account of what life used to be like and is like in that particular
community. The audience knows from that speech everything about
Alfieri and about the community in Red Hook. He launches into graphic
detail about past gangsters and murders and about how justice is very
important to the Italians. The community is the 'Gullet of New York',
which is swallowing the to...

... middle of paper ... meant to do nothing bad to you'.

Marco after a surge of anger finds Eddie and Eddie tries to stab
Marco, but Marco turns the knife and Eddie dies. Ad all the events
fell into place, Eddie's last words were 'My B'. This shows that he
was caring and he finally told Beatrice in two words how much she
meant to him, the Eddie way.

Eddie Carbone is killed by his own knife, suggesting that it was he
who was to blame for his own downfall.

'Alfieri who is the Narrator throughout the play leaves us at the end
of the play with a serious question, "Has justice been done, should we
settle for half?" Whether we like it or we don't, society always gets
involved in relations.

The structure of, 'A View From The Bridge' helped us to understand the
tragedy of Eddie Carbone, In that he was the cause of his own

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