Arthur Miller's Use of Dramatic Devices and Effects in Act 3 of The Crucible

Arthur Miller's Use of Dramatic Devices and Effects in Act 3 of The Crucible

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Arthur Miller's Use of Dramatic Devices and Effects in Act 3 of The Crucible
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It is important that any play has successful dramatic devices and
effects. Without these the play would be very dull and unexciting. The
audience would soon lose interest. Dramatic devices and effects are
used to create tension and suspense these may include sound, movement
and atmosphere etc. An example of sound being used as a dramatic
effect would be on page 77 of 'The Crucible', when voices of towns'
people rise in excitement. This is a dramatic device, as it will make
the audience more interested as they will want to know what happens
next. Dramatic Irony is also a dramatic device as it is a form of
Irony in a play. There is Dramatic Irony in the play when on Page 91,
Danforth questions Mary Warren, "Has he ever threatened you?" and Mary
Warren replies "No Sir". This is Dramatic Irony as John Proctor did
threaten her and the audience are already aware of this.

Many issues and concerns are highlighted in this play. One of the
issues of concern is power, whether someone has power or is afraid to
use it. An example would be the judge or high court officials
Danforth, Harthorn and Cheever. Harthorn has power but is afraid to
use it as he seems fearful of the court being overturned and tries to
turn Proctor's defence of his wife and the other accused into an
attack upon the court. Danforth and Cheever are supposed to be Judges
/ High Court officials who have the power to decide whether a person
is guilty or not. The judges ...

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... sins; I cannot judge another", and "They think they can go like
saints. I like not to spoil their names". It means that Proctor knew
most of the crimes or sins committed of the characters in the play.
But he himself became a martyr and paid up with his life for other
people sins.

Act 3 is quite successful in showing the play's issues and concerns
through its use of dramatic devices and effects. Many of the events in
"The Crucible" occur because of the oppressive nature of the society
in which people lived in the 17th Century. Act 3 takes place in the
courtroom and presents us with the life or death struggle between
superstition and reason. Hopes are raised and dashed. A crucial point
in the drama is reached when John confesses to his adultery to
Elizabeth. But it is Mary who denounces John Proctor who is arrested.

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