The Ways Charlotte Bronte Creates Sympathy for Jane Eyre in the Novel Essay

The Ways Charlotte Bronte Creates Sympathy for Jane Eyre in the Novel Essay

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The Ways Charlotte Bronte Creates Sympathy for Jane Eyre in the Novel

Charlotte Bronte created sympathy for Jane Eyre in many ways during
the first 10 chapters of the novel. Charlotte Bronte is a fictional
autobiography. It tells us, the reader, the story of an imaginary
person, yet Bronte can relate to Jane in several ways. Several
individuals i.e. Brocklehurst, her Aunt Reed and her cousins,
John,Eliza and Georgiana, subject her to hardship and inequality.

In the first chapter Charlotte Bronte uses pathetic fallacy to reflect
Jane's mood. Jane is being kept away from Mrs. Reed - her aunt and her
cousins so she goes to sit on the windowsill.

"A scene…storm-beat shrub, with ceaseless…wildly before a long and
lamentable blast."

Bronte describes the weather outside as 'storm-beaten' and 'cold' and
'sombre'. These words do not only refer to the weather outside, but
also to Jane's mood; Jane being cold herself, frozen out of a
relationship with her aunt and cousins, she has nobody to talk to; a
sad and lonely person. Also, in the first paragraph of the book, Jane
talks about the walk the family were not allowed to go on, as it was
raining. Jane does not like these walks, she speaks of them as
'dreadful' the fact that she is made to go on these walks shows the
brutal treatment she is shown. She comes back cold and miserable with
'nipped fingers and toes'; this shows that she is made to tolerate
pain. This creates a sense of sympathy for Jane, as the reader sees
straight away that her life is unhappy, that she is treated poorly at
such a young age and made to do things she doesn't want to.

Jane is isolated from the Reed fa...

... middle of paper ...

...m of Jane's "deceitful nature". Jane can immediately see that
she cannot defend herself. She has no power at all. How can a young
child defend herself from unjust accusations? She is helpless. This
makes us feel sympathetic towards Jane. In Lowood School, Mr
Brocklehurst humiliates Jane. He makes her stand on a stool in front
of everyone and tells everyone what he thinks of her.

"a little castaway…an alien… - this girl is - a liar"

Mr Brocklehurst calls Jane a liar in front of the whole school. He
calls her an alien, a little castaway. You feel sympathetic towards
Jane because of way she treated as an outcast rather than a human
being. She is made to feel as if she is not part of the human race.

Jane is portrayed as a helpless, innocent child that is neglected and
blamed for mishap by her so-called relatives.

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