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British Parliament Many of the political observers consider functions of the British
Parliament as a constantly changing in accordance with public demands
and political ambitions.

In the 11th century for example when Parliament has had its origins,
its main function was giving an advice to Saxon monarchs by assembly
of the wise called "Witangemot". Further historical events like Civil
War enforced power of the Parliament. Commons magnified its power;
William of Orange granted the throne accepted Bill of Rights which
limited royal prerogative. This was the end of the monarchs claim to
absolute power and acceptance of parliamentary government.

Parliament carries out a wide range of highly significant functions.

First function is a legitimating. The executive chosen from the
Commons, having a support of majority of MP's nearly elects itself.
Current political situation is an applicable example, where Labour
Party consisting of 416 MP's has a power to force almost any Bill.
This does not stop supporters of the government to maintain the
scrutiny process, the second and equally important function.
Government expenditure, policy proposals and executive actions are all
subject to examination by Parliament.

Another function is legislation. "Much of this is a ritual, since the
Governing majority in the House of Commons nearly always has its way"
(Neil McNaughton in "Success in Politics"). Even if pro...

... middle of paper ... interest of the public. An effective political organization
should be up to date with current political affairs from all round the
world and what is more important; should answer to current needs of
the public and be able to protect the country in any circumstances.
Strong leadership is one of the most significant attributes of
effective political organization.

Lack of it could be observed during government under John Major. After
1992 elections he was in parliamentary minority. Division over Europe
attracted press criticism which eventually damaged his government.
This leaves one conclusion; lack of decisive style of leadership leads
to failure (class video 2004).


Neil McNaughton (2001) Success in Politics 2nd edition, Murray

David Roberts (2000) British Politics in Focus, Causeway Press

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