The Effectiveness of William Shakespeare's Use of Supernatural in the Final Act of Richard III

The Effectiveness of William Shakespeare's Use of Supernatural in the Final Act of Richard III

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The Effectiveness of William Shakespeare's Use of Supernatural in the Final Act of Richard III

Richard III was written by William Shakespeare and tells the story of
how Richard III wants to become king and does everything in his power
to get there by assassinating members of his family to do so, for
example, the Duke of Clarence, Lord Hastings, Lady Anne, Lord Rivers,
the Duke of Buckingham, Henry VI, Prince Edward, Prince Edward V and
Prince Richard. The last Act contains many supernatural elements such
as ghosts of the people Richard III has murdered or got killed and
curses, for example, Buckingham remembering Margaret's curse,
prophecies and dreams, a message from the supernatural from the
future. Shakespeare may have used these supernatural events to
entertain his audience who would have believed in ghosts and that the
ghosts of the murdered family members have come to curse Richard.

The differences between Shakespeare's audience and today's audiences
are that Shakespeare's audience believed in the supernatural much
more. Ghosts, curses, prophecies and dreams were believed in when they
told something about the future and what it meant which were taken
literally. Today's audience don't believe in ghosts, curses and
prophecies as much. The audience interpret the supernatural things as
a representation and we may see it as an illustration of what's going
on in Richard's head. Shakespeare's audiences would have seen the
supernatural as evil spirits to curse Richard and to make him feel
guilty for what he has done to his family. However, the paranormal
still interests the modern audiences, for example miracles. The
paranormal is u...

... middle of paper ...

... we see
Richard is a villain because he generates the malevolence and violence
in the play, being efficient, imaginative, persuasive, intelligent and
confident and in control. The play tells the audience about the events
that took place, for example, the ghosts murdered cursing Richard just
before he goes to war with Richmond. This allows the audience to make
up their own mind if the supernatural affected Richard's conscience
and his guilt. I feel that the use of paranormal is effective because
it allows the audience to get into the character's minds and see what
they are thinking. This enables the audience to look at the characters
life and personality and how it has changed. For example, Richard's
personality changes from hostile and vicious to a self-pitying person
who realises that: "There is no creature loves me!"

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