Reader's Sympathies in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Essay

Reader's Sympathies in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Essay

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Reader's Sympathies in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

"Frankenstein" a gothic horror, written by Mary Shelley in 1818, can
be interpreted as a subtle autobiography; whose narrative reflects on
the characters throughout the story. It was written at the time where
the Romantic period replaced the age of reason, the time where dreams
and ideas replaced logic and science. The two main characters in the
story, Victor and the monster are used as metaphors for this. Shelley
uses them to make social and personal comments about the time when the
book was written. Shelly's mother died only nine days after her birth.
At the beginning of the novel, Victor's mother dies and Safia also has
no mother. Walton's diary is 9 months long being the time it takes to
have a baby. Before she wrote the book she lost many children. Shelly
had a lonely life, hardly spending any time with her father and losing
her husband after a short marriage; Victor shows signs of being a bad
parent when he abandons his creation. After Shelley eloped with her
lover, Percy Shelley in 1814, they travelled the continent together;
Walton travels all over the world and Safia travels far with her
father. Shelley also stayed in Geneva; Victor's family home is here.
There is a relationship between Shelly's life and the characters;
Victor's father was against his studies and refused to support him,
Victor's father did not understand or accept his way of thinking.
Shelley spent most of her childhood writing.

Victor and the monster were born and raised in very different ways,
the latter by nature and the former by nurture. Victor was brought up
by his parents with his siblings in his fam...

... middle of paper ...

...asty after confrontations with various characters and
especially after killing William After this reader's sympathies are no
longer with the monster because he has stopped showing the
characteristics, which he was before. Victor never did anything
intentionally evil, but as a result of his life, he killed his family
and brought misery to his life. At first the feelings of sympathy lie
with Victor, but his isolation and tragedy were self-inflicted. By the
end of the novel, Victor becomes increasingly like his creation; a
monster. The creature, despite killing William, has learnt many human
qualities, from longing for love and companionship to anger and hate.
It is difficult to balance who is more human but by the end of the
novel, the sympathies lie with both characters as both their lives
ended in isolation and misery.

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