Essay on The Changes Eppie Brings to Silas' Life in George Eliot's Silas Marner

Essay on The Changes Eppie Brings to Silas' Life in George Eliot's Silas Marner

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The Changes Eppie Brings to Silas' Life in George Eliot's Silas Marner

"A Child, More Than All Other

Gifts That Earth Can Offer To Declining Man,

Brings Hope With It, And Forward-looking Thoughts."

What Changes Does Eppie Bring About In

Silas's Life?

The motto chosen by George Eliot for the title page of the novel means
Eppie is worth more than any gift that Silas can buy, because you
can't buy love, and she was given to Silas when he was at his worst,
when he had nothing to live for. Eppie redeems Silas with the love she
showed him. She helped him live again and as she was growing he grew
with her. They were one.

The industrial revolution took place in 1780-1861, when the action of
the book is set, but the book was written in 1861 so the author is
commenting on how England has been changed by the industrial
revolution. George Eliot's view on the Industrial Revolution showed in
her book, she thought the Industrial Revolution was bad because of the
way it kept changing, things never stayed the same, and memories were
lost. The people were strangers to each other and kept themselves to

George Eliot described the city as a dark and grim place where you
feel cramped and imprisoned because of the high walls. The place was
unnatural. The author thinks the countryside is better because of the
spaced settings, historical traditions and culture. Everything is
already established, and nothing hardly every changes. It's calm,
clean, with talkative and friendly neighbors.

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It shows Silas has achieved heaven on earth.

"The garden was fenced with stones on two sides, but in front there

an open fence, through which the flowers shone with answering

gladness, as the four united people came within sight of them."

At the start of the book the weavers (Silas) are described as "the
remains of a disinherited race"; at the end of the book Silas has come
into his inheritance, which is becoming a member of the Raveloe
community, when Eppie marries Aaron.

The changes Eppie brings out in Silas' life are life changing; it was
like he was born again. She teaches him how to love, live, and trust
by loving him. As said many times Eppie is like an angel in disguise
sent to guide Silas when he needed her the most; when he had nothing
else to live for. Eppie is Silas' reason to live.

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