The Need for Censorship in the Media Essay

The Need for Censorship in the Media Essay

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The Need for Censorship in the Media

Censorship is the cuts and remakes of media mainly movies. Censorship
is usually when 'obscene' scenes and actions have been removed from a
piece of media. Censorship has been around for a long time, censorship
is supposed to protect 'us' from the things which happen in media for
example movies which contain horror, sex or violence.

Censorship is said by the government to help us because it cuts out
scenes which may mentally affect us for example a film about poverty
and the working class which could trigger a revolution because our
minds are not mentally strong able to take that it is just a film. We
might even need censorship in some movies to protect young people fro
m watching adult movies which could change them for a short or long
term period.

The areas of media I am going to look at are films, video, music,
printed word and video games all these areas of media are widely
available to many groups of people, this includes adults and children.

Censorship has been around for a long time but the censorship of
movies really began in 1898 with the movie called "The Cheese Mite."
The cheese mite movie contains insects eating some cheese, this movie
was banned, movies like these were banned by the British Cheese
Foundation because the content of the films could cause a decrease in
the sale of cheese, and this can go onto causing other problem factors
e.g. loss of jobs. To hide the facts of movies like these being banned
the tents were shut down for safety reasons these were two reasons.
One of the reasons could have been they didn't want the working class
to see these films because of a rev...

... middle of paper ...

...he years
films even censored are 'considered' to damage people; this has been
shown by the Jamie Bulger case and the 'Hungerford Massacre'.

In the present day I have seen more ways of censorship from different
things, this includes magazines of an adult nature being placed on the
top shelf, which is out of reach to most young people, and the more
suitable magazines are put at a reach were everyone can get them.

I think that censorship is needed in the media but to a certain
extent. By a certain extent I mean that it shouldn't be taken to far
e.g. bad cuttings. I think that the effect that censorship has on
children is good because it blocks out scenes which I don't think
would harm children but affect them or make them do 'bad' things,
because we still don't know if the effects they have are long or short

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