Essay on Assessment of Conservatism

Essay on Assessment of Conservatism

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Assessment of Conservatism In defining whether Thatcherism was different from conservatism we
must first understand which form of conservatism we are assessing.
Conservatism with a small c can be seen in countries from America to
Russia but unlike other ideologies, conservatism is somewhat tailored
for each country, there being no defined rules unlike, say Marxism.
One of the planks of conservatism in Britain is the concept of
"Victorian values" but thishello cannot be said to form part of the
ideology of any conservative theory in any other country but are own.
Because of this vast spectrum of conservatism we will concentrate on
the ideology of this country.

Conservatism developed as an ideology throughjjjdkksflfsksdout the
revolutionary period of the eighteenth century in Europe. Those under
threat from possible revolution, the aristocracy, developed
Conservatism to protect their own interests and denounce revolutionary
threats. Modern conservatism did not start to develop however until
the late eighteenth century. Again it was the ever increasing threat
of revolution which sparked the initial development, as well as the
fear that recent events which had occurred in France would cause a
similar uprising on the other side of the channel. In Britain
conservatism was born within Parliament around this period. The
ideology of conservatism was adopted by the Tory party led by Lord
Liverpool. At this time only a small proportion of the population had

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...must be whether it survives in its present form. Although
John Major's victory in the leadership contest to succeed Mrs.
Thatcher ensured that there would be substantial continuity with the
policies of the Thatcher government, it seems probable that the events
of November 1990 marked the final end of Thatcherism. John Major's
initial cabinet appointments, and his willingness to call himself a
" liberal..." suggests that the Conservative party would move
steadily away from Thatcherism under his leadership. The radical
thrust of the Thatcherite project is unlikely to be renewed, this
suggests that Thatcherism was more personalities than policy. The new
watchwords of the Conservative is a return to consolidation,
co-operation and consensus. This is yet to happen, the growth of
Majorism has not come home to roost.

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