Recruitment and Selection of Company's Workforce Essay

Recruitment and Selection of Company's Workforce Essay

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Recruitment and Selection of Company's Workforce

The quality and contribution of a company's workforce is the most
important determinant and influential factor in the success or failure
of organisational objectives.

Therefore Marks & Spencer must have an efficient recruitment and
selection procedure to ensure the highest quality of employees. This
is especially imperative for national retailer Marks & Spencer as the
business is operating within a labour-intensive sector of the economy.

In recruiting staff there are key recruitment documents the main ones
being the following:

Recruitment Document


Job application

* Information about the applicant regarding personal attributes,
qualifications, experience and so on

* Will be compared with the person specification

Curriculum vitae

* Personal details

* Education

* Qualifications

* Work experience

* Interests

* Ambitions

Letter of application

* It is a brief and concise straight to the point recruitment

* It should have non-grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes

* Split into three main paragraphs

* 1st being how and why the applicant is applying for the job

* 2nd the applicant's personal details

* 3rd reasons why applicants want job and to work for the company

The various factors to be considered when planning to fill a vacancy
are the following:

Person Specification

This is sometimes referred to as a personal profile providing the
necessary standard to do a job efficiently. A person specification
details all...

... middle of paper ... offer the prospective employer.

Letters of application are useful as it is a letter from the
prospective employee explaining why in their view they are the most
suitable candidates for the job.

The value of a letter of application is illustrated by the fact that
it is structured in the way the applicant believes is appropriate
supporting the view that it is a useful selection tool.

The constraints are that when used as an assessment method a person of
good letter writing abilities will be selected with not necessarily
the most suitable candidate. The letter writer may leave out important
information although; the subsistence of Curriculum Vitae can solve
this problem.

It is debatable whether these shortcomings are significant as
employers as shown by the frequency of their use expressly request

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