The Horror Genre in Stories of Stevenson and Greene Essay

The Horror Genre in Stories of Stevenson and Greene Essay

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The Horror Genre in Stories of Stevenson and Greene

R.L Stevenson's 'The Body-Snatcher' and Graham Greene's 'The End Of
The party' are both short stories that are a part of the horror genre,
despite differing in many ways. Throughout this essay, I am going to
compare the differences and the similarities between the two horror
stories. I will assess the way the writers use certain aspects that
are part of the horror genre to make their story have an impact on the
reader and have the ability to captivate their reader and keep them
engrossed in the story. I will be focusing on specific areas within
each story including, setting, structure, atmosphere, suspense,
endings and also the different types of fear explored within each

There are many qualities that are common amongst all horror stories,
which make the horror genre so popular. These specific components of
horror stories include things such as murders, with a clear motive,
and 'The Body-Snatcher' is no exception to this with many murders for
a clear purpose, which is to supply the medical school with bodies.
Tension and suspense are perhaps the most common generic elements in a
horror story. Both 'The Body-Snatcher' and 'The End Of The Party'
contain these elements in a very effective way which, build up to a
climax at the end of the story and have a significant impact on the
reader. Fear and phobias are commonly used in horror stories and 'The
End Of The Party' contains a main theme of a young boy's fear of the
dark. Darkness is also often used in horror stories and 'The
Body-snatcher' and 'The End Of The Party' both contain elements of
darkness, which create uneasin...

... middle of paper ...

...e 'The Body-Snatcher', with more typical
horror elements, like graveyards, weather, dead bodies as are involved
in 'The Body-Snatcher.' I think this is why I prefer 'The End Of The
Party', because it is still a horror story, but without many of the
typical horror components.

Overall, horror is very popular. A successful horror story has the
ability to scare the reader and keep them in anticipation through
parts of the story. It also should be able to keep the reader
captivated and reading to the end. A good horror story combines
tension. Suspense, atmosphere, the unexpected and fear effectively to
have an impact on the reader. A good horror story also contains a good
structure, an effective setting, the use of fear and vocabulary, these
are what make successful horror stories and make the horror genre so

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