Chinese Businesses Should Adopt Total Quality Management (TQM) Essay

Chinese Businesses Should Adopt Total Quality Management (TQM) Essay

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Chinese Businesses Should Adopt Total Quality Management (TQM)

If they are to succeed internationally

Nowadays a large number of Chinese companies are willing to develop
their business scope in international markets. Their main competitive
superiority exclusively depends on the low price strategy based on
cheap labors. However, this merely advantage couldn't go down well in
the overseas markets. Global competition has forced Chinese
manufacturing firms to operate on the basis of not only cost
advantage. The high quality which they need to rely on would improve
their global competitiveness through customer satisfaction. To meet
this challenge, many Chinese firms are currently striving to implement
TQM with relevant strategies in order to explore the global markets.
Yet the opposite viewpoint think TQM is not quite appropriate to
Chinese firms due to Chinese special situation. (quote "Quality
Management Practice In China", Yu, C.S., Cochran, D.S.D, pp 91) The
object of this study is to analyze which benefits and possible
drawbacks TQM will bring and discuss whether Chinese businesses should
adopt Total Quality Management.

Total quality is a philosophy and way of conducting business which
focuses on several specific areas. (Oakland, J, 2000) It will bring
Chinese companies many benefits in every aspect.

Firstly, Customer Relationship Management will be paid more attention
to compared with Chinese firms' previous strategies. As a saying,
"without your customers, you will have no business." Every
organization depends on their customers and therefore should meet
customer's requirements and strive to exceed customer expectation.

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...succeed internationally. And I'm
sure that the fierce competition arising from global market will make
more and more Chinese enterprises take and fully implement TQM.


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