The Theme of Social Progress in The Time Machine by H.G. Wells Essay examples

The Theme of Social Progress in The Time Machine by H.G. Wells Essay examples

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The Theme of Social Progress in The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

The time machine was written by H.G.Wells in 1895 and is set on new
years eve, 1899 at the end of the century; the time set is significant
because it is at the set of a century, and the beginning of a new time
period. Other writers at the time included George Stevenson and
Stoker, who wrote 'Jekyll and Hyde' and 'Dracula' respectively.
Stories about science and time travelling were very popular at the

Herbert George Wells was born in 1866 in Bromly, a small town near
London. He attended college and graduated with a degree in biology.
His lower-middle-class background and his knowledge of science
influenced his writings. He thought that science would make a better
world. He also thought that humans would destroy their own race by
having a big atomic war and eventually kill each other off. Wells
spent most of his childhood living in a sunless basement, which has
links with the morlocks in the story in that the morlocks live
underground without light. Later in his childhood he moved to an
uppark mansion where he had servants, who moved unseen through
tunnels, again like the morlocks, this was a feature of fin de siecle.
In wells' time, England had a rigid class system with the upper class
almost completely separated from the lower class and there was severe
social inequality. The country was in the middle of an industrial
revolution, and it was an age of invention. Machinery and science were
also evolving. At the time there was also a rise in trade unions, with
a lot of unsatisfied workers.

Wells became interested in science at school and furthered his

... middle of paper ...

... the class system. This
relates to the end of the story because the upper class adventully
destroy the lower class, if this happened in 1899, there wouldn't be
anyone producing and all industry would collapse. This can be
prevented by forgetting about the class system and introduce social
equality, and also pay everyone the same wages. I think H.G.Wells is a
pessimist, I think this because the whole story is based around the
human race devolving into two species, one frail and simple, and the
other having power over them and feeding on them. He has done this for
a reason, to try and change the idea of the class system in his time.
My response to the story is that it is a well-written novel of the
time. Wells has also used his experiences in childhood and his
knowledge of science to create a fantastic novel of the time.

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