The Effects of Trench Warfare on the Western Front During World War I Essay

The Effects of Trench Warfare on the Western Front During World War I Essay

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The Effects of Trench Warfare on the Western Front During World War I

World War I had claimed many lives and was a great tragedy; the reason
the war had started was because most of the other European countries
had great empires consisting of many other countries. However Belgium
did not have anything to do with these great empires instead she opted
out of any wars and any political fights, so she became a neutral
country. Even though she had refused to fight, Belgium helped the
wounded and anyone who sought medical aid. Whilst the rest of the
European countries were making their empires stronger and larger over
time, Germany, in 1889 realised that they didn't have such a huge
empire as Britain and the other countries did. Germany's new monarch
was overwhelmingly jealous, so Germany had quickly become a hard
working, wealthy and orderly nation. Even though Wilhelm II had great
plans for Germany there were not many good land spaces left to
conquer. His confidence and invasiveness made other world leaders feel
uneasy and they felt that they had to try and protect their great
empires. Basically Germany invaded Belgium and Britain thought that it
was not fair to invade a neutral country so they went out a place in
France called the Somme. There was a river nearby named the Somme.
This was known as 'The Great War' because it was not only great in the
fact that it lasted 4 years and used loads of ammunition, it was also
called that because so many lives were taken and so many people
suffered because of the huge effect it had on them and their family.
The effects of 'The Great War' were devastating, most of the children
sent out to fight in ...

... middle of paper ...

...rench warfare was really like. The effects
it had on the soldiers and people living in Britain were very
traumatic. People said during and after the war that World War I was
going to be the war to end all wars because they had never experience
such effects of a war that was on such a huge scale as world War I
was. But they were terribly mistaken, so I guess that the moral is you
can tell when the wars are going to end because there are always going
to be disputes between people and countries. My first idea of World
War I was all it was about was a lot of men died and that's about it,
but gradually as I learnt more about it, I started to see that not
only men died but as a country the whole of the nation was involved
and that the soldiers couldn't have won the war with out the help and
support from their fellow peoples.

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