The Role of Water in the Lives of Organisms Essay

The Role of Water in the Lives of Organisms Essay

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The Role of Water in the Lives of Organisms

Water is perhaps the most important molecule for the survival and life
of all living organisms because there is a wide spectrum of roles that
it plays. The fact that the earth's surface consists of 70.8% water
shows its significance and importance.

Firstly, water has the chemical formula Hg0 (two Hydrogen atoms to one
Oxygen atom), the covalent bonds between which create cohesive forces.

Water has a very high specific heat capacity, measuring 4,200 Joules,
creating a stable environment for organisms to live in. This means
that water does not heat up or cool down too rapidly due to the
difficulty in breaking the hydrogen bonds, which restricts the
movement of the water molecules. This property of water is beneficial
to aquatic organisms (e.g. Fish, Jellyfish), as they do not have to
keep adapting their own body temperatures for survival.

Another property water has is its insulating nature in lakes and
rivers. As water cools toward 0°C, the water molecules slow down to
form the maximum number of hydrogen bonds. As this process continues,
water molecules must give enough space for all four hydrogen bonds to
fit, causing the water to expand as it freezes to form ice. Ice is
less dense than the liquid form and therefore floats, a property very
significant to the survival of fish as this layer of ice insulates the
liquid water below to prevent the whole lake or river to freeze.
Otherwise, this could be fatal for many organisms in the aquatic food

Aquatic plants can survive in deep waters due to the fact th...

... middle of paper ... as sweat,
the liquid gets turned into a vapour causing humans to cool down and
control our body temperature (a homeostasis process). The cooling
functions of water are connected to its high heat capacity nature.

Water has influences on a large number of aspects of organisms'
lives'. From habitat, transport, support, movement, fertilisation,
insulator, roles of key processes (photosynthesis and respiration),
protection from damage, homeostasis and gas exchange. Enzymes are very
important in the body of some / most organisms and catalyse almost
every reaction. However, they are soluble and will need water to
function, as a result water is very important. Water is an important
substrate for chemical reactions as well as product. Around 70% of
human mass consists of water, in plants, 95% of mass consists of

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