Religion Limits the Freedom of Human Beings Essay

Religion Limits the Freedom of Human Beings Essay

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Religion Limits the Freedom of Human Beings

Do you see that religion limits the freedom of the human beings? In other words, do you think there is a contradiction between being a subject of god and at the same time being a free man?

To begin with, lets define what is the meaning of the word religion. The word religion is derived from the Latin word "religo" which derives from the verb "religere" which in English means relate or link. It means connecting or combining again. Here we might ask why the word means reestablish or reconnect not establish or connect. The answer is simple, the relation between god and the people was good at first, and then because man was always selfish and acted arrogant and wicked the relation was broken between human beings and god. That is why god created the religions to reestablish the relation ship that was broken between man and god.
A religion as all of us know is something to be experienced; we go through religion or are religious persons. In any known religion, religion is to believe in the power of the words. If someone wants to convince you in Islam for example, he/ she starts talking about the prophet Mohammad and how he had received the words of god. The first thing you do is either to believe or not to believe and this means that in religions you can't ask for proves. You can analyze the words of god and think about it but this comes after you believe. Religion is something you accept and agree on by only hearing or knowing about it. But also to believe you have to trust the person who is transmitting the message to you. I stress again, the words in the religion have the full power since god can be neither touched nor seen and the whole truth lies only in the words. ...

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...r commit adultery was also a must. Then Jesus Christ with Christianity came, and also put rules for how people must act for god to love them for example to help the poor and the needy and the widows, not to reply on evil by evil, love each other worship one god … and finally from the prophet Mohammad we know about Islam and about the doctrine and the rules that were mentioned in the Qur'an- the holly book of the Muslims- like what to eat, how to pray, whom to marry…
From all of the above mentioned we find that "yes" religions limit the freedom of the man and man is always the subject of god and not a free man. But here some important questions might be asked: do we need absolute freedom to build civilized nations and societies? Don't we need religion to regulate and stabilize our life? Aren't religions important for the life of human beings on earth?

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