Essay about The Role of Women in Judaism

Essay about The Role of Women in Judaism

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The Role of Women in Judaism

Some say that the role of women in Judaism has been misrepresented and misunderstood. Today when people think of women's role in Judaism, they think of them as being of very low importance. Yet, threw the Halakha (Jewish laws) we are able to see how significant the role of women is in Judaism. There are many Jewish feminist leaders in today's society. This is because throughout the years of education and study of Judaism, the women learned that everyone must be respected. Within Judaism the women are considered to be on a separate level. They are on the world for one reason, and the men for another. Yet, within the religion they are considered as equals.
In Judaism, God is not viewed as a male or female. They believe that God has both masculine and feminine qualities. Some Jewish people refer to God as a man only for convenience, not because they actually believe that he is a male. Both man and woman were created in the image of God. Some even believe that women were created with higher role of importunacy because they were "built" (Gen 2:22) rather then "formed" (Gen 2:7).
In traditional Orthodox Judaism, women are not allowed to be a rabbi. They are not allowed to read for the Torah. Because women are not obligated to do certain commandments, some of their worships do not count for group purposes. Women are also not obligates to the formal prayer service (praying 3 times a day, at specific times). Due to women not being required to join congregational worship, it is their primary responsibility as a wife and a mother. If a women volunteers to attend daily worship services, it is said that their prayers are not counted in a minyan. A minyan is a group of 10 people, over the age of bar mitzvah,...

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...nal Judaism are considered to be more biased towards men, the women have always played an important role in Jewish society and religion. In the 20th century we have already seen many new forms of Judaism appear. This has allowed women to slowly become a more important role in all aspects of the religion. In the near future, no one can tell how the religion will change, and how it will transform.


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