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Principles in Prayer Essay

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Principles in Prayer

There is a growing trend in America today that something drastically needs to be changed about our school system. The public is scared to send their children to a place where they could potentially be shot, stabbed, beaten, or be subjected to drugs on any given day. The morals of this country's youth are being shaped by every action, by every minute they live in this negative environment. Ever since the Supreme Court's ruling to have prayer banished from public schools the morals of this country have been going downhill. 7 Of all the Court rulings of this century none has sparked more action in Congress than Engel vs. Vitale (Alley, 107). The court's ruling not only altered their present but also has greatly affected our county's future.
The government has taken this issue to the highest court only to have its decision questioned time and time again. A problem needs to be addressed to put prayer back into schools. There are so many different groups that want to have a compromise made over this issue that individual congressmen, trying to respond to this atomized latent group, ended up offering 144 different prayer resolutions and 150 different amendments to the eventual school prayer amendment! (Alley, 128) When there is this much of a public outcry for the resolution of an issue it is amazing that there has not been much change from the original ruling made in 1962 to the present.
The exclusion of prayer from our public schools is not the only reason why people have lost the moral footing that this country was based on. There is no doubt that the people of this nation have a heritage rooted in religion. Studies show that a vast majority of Americans claim to have faith in God. One recent study found...

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...on, and crime. Or will it show that society finally decided it wanted something better, it wanted to change the face of this world for the sake of the future. When we finally decide to stand up for what we know is right, to truly show we have the strength of conviction to support our faith, when we can put Church and State back into the same institution; that is when the difference will come. That is when this country will finally start to climb the hill toward restoring this country's pride, it compassion, and it hope for the future. Until then we can only pray. But then that is where the whole problem starts, isn't it?


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