The Human Development of a Six Year Old Essay

The Human Development of a Six Year Old Essay

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The Human Development of a Six Year Old

Megan Baur is a 6-year-old Caucasian female who currently attends the first grade at a private school, Rolland Park School for girls. She lives with her birth parents and her 4-year-old brother, Kyle, in a suburban house on the outskirts of Baltimore City. Her father is a successful chiropractor and her mother works part time as a dental hygienist. Her mother was a stay home mom from Megan's birth till very recently, when she decided to return to work only during the hours while Kyle, the youngest attends nursery school.
Megan is a very bright young girl who seems to be progressing in the middle childhood level already. A child in this level must deal with demands to learn new skills or risk a sense of inferiority, failure and incompetence. The opinions of their classmates' matter more than ever before and they begin to feel the effects of peer pressure. In this stage a person can do mental operations but only with real (concrete) objects, events or situations. Logical reasons are understood. For example, Megan can understand the need to go to bed early when it is necessary to get up early the next morning. Children that are in this stage attend school and they enjoy mastering lots of new physical skills. They learn rapidly in school.
She does very well in school and is always will to do school work without even being provoked. She is working on abstract ideas of adding and subtracting things and sounding out words for reading. She is above her age group at reading and has a very extensive vocabulary. Megan seems to enjoy the challenge of reading and it makes her feel grown-up and superior to her younger sibling, since he is too young to read. She is always trying to teach him w...

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...d adolescence. Once she has progressed to the stage of adolescence, she will need a lot of support and love from her parents. In this stage a teenager must achieve a sense of identity in occupation, sex roles, politics, and religion. Megan will be face with many hard decisions and confusing alternatives when trying to resolve the psychosocial crisis of group identity vs. alienation. During that period of her life she will learn some of life's hardest lessons and will have to deal with the issue of peer pressure. As long as Megan effectively demonstrates the leadership qualities she already possesses now, she will obtain the ego adaptive quality of fidelity that a normal teenage should have. Megan is a strong little girl with a good sense of right and wrong and a high self-esteem and I'm sure her parents are very proud to have her as their oldest child and daughter.

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