The Fairhope Single Tax Corporation Essay

The Fairhope Single Tax Corporation Essay

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The Fairhope Single Tax Corporation

The founders of the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation desired to establish a model community based on the land tax system theory of Henry George and the principle of Cooperative Individualism. The Fairhope Industrial Association of Des Moines, Iowa, founded Fairhope in 1894. Fairhope was selected as the location because of its beauty and climate. The Association became the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation in 1904 and was incorporated as a municipality in 1908. The founders, influenced by the reform goals of the Populist Movement of the time, believed an individual would be free to do as he chose provided the equal rights of others were not infringed upon. Their model community was to be free of private monopoly to provide equal opportunity and reward individual effort as well as cooperation in common interest goals.
The founders of the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation used Henry George's theories and modified them to form the philosophy on which the Corporation is based. The term single tax refers to the George's statement in Progress and Poverty that "the ageless and universal problem of poverty and other economic and social evils might be cured by a simple fiscal reform." George's cure was that government would tax away the full annual use value of land and would refrain from any other form of taxation. In George's plan, there would be no taxes on other personal property, no income taxes, no sales tax, no excise tax. All economic rent would be taken for community purposes. The single tax doctrine is a blueprint for a free society. Henry George believed society would become more stable and wholesome under a single tax program. He believed if the plan were used internationally, fundamental c...

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...f its founders. The present day members of the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation have carefully preserved their history and heritage. The Fairhope community is a diverse population with a strong regard for individualism and a high tolerance for the nonconformist. Is this individualism and tolerance part of the Single Tax Colony heritage?
The Fairhope Single Tax Corporation has survived the changing economic, social and political philosophies of a century. The Single Tax Corporation has not only survived but has grown stronger financially. Instead of gradually losing its single tax characteristics over the years, the Single Tax Corporation has purified its policies and procedures to become more true to the single tax philosophy. The founders of Fairhope demonstrated that idealism, determination, and hard work could conquer hardships and build a successful future.

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