Ethanol and Gas Prices Essay

Ethanol and Gas Prices Essay

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Ethanol and Gas Prices

Do the gas prices frustrate you every time you pull up to the pump? Gas companies are charging too much for the natural resource that is turned into what we know as gasoline. Gas companies discourage research and new ideas every year. Afraid of losing the market that they have cornered they buy patents. This way the patents will never be used and they still have the market cornered. Ethanol is a much safer and more economical solution to our gas problem. It is cleaner burning and it can be produced from year to year. Ethanol will allow the United States public to get away from the corruption of big gas business and finally be able to enjoy better prices at the pump. The gas companies do not need to be relied on any longer. The United States public should use ethanol. The economic help would be tremendous. It creates jobs, lowers gas prices, and reduces imports of oil to the U.S.
The problem today is the gas companies make too much on their products. Shell's profits jumped enormously in only three months. The Company announced an 80% jump in earnings for the last three months, to $3.25 billion (Shell Posts Record Profits). Ethanol would allow these profits to go straight to
the farmers. America's public needs to be able to spend less on gasoline. Ethanol gasoline would be a sure way of lowering prices. The ethanol that is produced in these plants comes form the corn produced by farmers. The finished product from the plant is completely safe for all gasoline automobiles. The cost that it would take to get the ethanol plants started would be worth the money. Ethanol plants will be expensive to start but they pay for themselves over a few years. Although gas prices might not fall ...

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...e done so gas problems will be solved. The problem will not just go away. We all are responsible for letting people know there is a better solution to the gas problem, the solution is ethanol.


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