Ronald Reagan's Domestic and Foreign Affairs Essay

Ronald Reagan's Domestic and Foreign Affairs Essay

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I have decided to write my research paper on the topic of Ronald Reagan's Domestic and Foreign Affairs. The reason that I choose this topic was because I have always been personally interested in Ronald Reagan's time in office and the national crisis he had to deal with. Reagan was awesome when it came to foreign policy because he knew how to negotiate with foreign leaders and their countries to get what he wanted. There were several instances during his time in office that he had the chance to use his ability to get the country out of danger. Domestic Affairs is another part of Reagan's presidency that was very important. He was able to take the country, which seemed to be in an economic slump and turn their economic status around. The economic growth of the United States is still holding true today. There is only one question that I wanted to answer with this paper. Was Ronald Reagan an effective leader when it came to domestic and foreign affairs?

Domestic Affairs
From the day that Ronald Reagan was elected President of the United States, in November 1980, he had a huge task ahead of him, to develop an economic plan or policy to implement into the national economy. President Reagan felt that he needed to base his economic program on the basis of supply side economics (Encyclopedia Britannica,, 2000). This theory is a very complex idea that President Reagan developed himself, so many people gave it the name of Reaganomics (Encyclopedia American, , 2000). The theory of Reaganomics called for a significant reduction in all forms of taxes and an adequate cutback on governmental spending so there will be more money in the hands of the American citizens. The main goal of the supply s...

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...s special powers that only he can exercise and some of the include; Commander in Chief, Treaty making power, Judicial appointment power, and Chief Administrator. He had to exercise a few of these special powers when it came down to him dealing directly with foreign affairs and policy. Chief Administrator and the judicial appointment powers are used in Domestic Affairs. The other major way that this paper is related to class is the fact that Ronald Reagan was the 40th president in United States history. This class, the books, and the lectures all dealt with the American Presidents and how they handled their time in office. Ronald Reagan had a very high approval rate from the American public. He handled his time in office and the issues that came up while he was in office with great success. He is definitely one of the Greatest American Presidents in history.

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