Essay on Comparing Marx and Freud

Essay on Comparing Marx and Freud

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Comparing Marx and Freud

Marx and Freud are regarded as very controversial individuals. They both had very unusual view of the world around them but were not afraid to express their ideas, which to many people were revolutionary. Marx and Freud formulated their opinions about the development of human history with which some might disagree. In the Communist Manifesto, Marx states that development of human history is based on economics, while Freud in Civilization and its Discontents claims that history of civilization is influenced by human nature and interaction with one another.

Marx views history as being determined by economics, which for him is the source of class differences. History is describe in The Communist Manifesto as a series of conflicts between oppressing classes and oppressed classes. According to this view of history, massive changes occur in a society when new technological capabilities allow a portion of the oppressed class to destroy the power of the oppressing class. Marx briefly traces the development of this through different periods, mentioning some of the various oppressed and oppressing classes, but points out that in earlier societies there were many differentiations of social classes. Marx sees the modern age as being distinguished from earlier periods by the simplifications of the class conflict, splitting up society into two great hostile groups: the bourgeoisie and the proletariat.

Marx starts off stating that in order for men to make history they must be able to live. According to him a human beings needs for survival include food, water, shelter and clothes. All these things need to be produced therefore the first stage of history is the production of the goods needed for...

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...s an order yet there should not be a big gap between the workers and the owners. This would create tensions and would eventually lead to disruption of peace and also of the means of life.

Even though Freud and Marx?s view slightly differ, they both provide us with many new and interesting ideas that are well supported. Although some might disagree with all their opinions about the development of history and how it affects humans, one cannot say that Marx and Freud?s ideas are not to some extend correct. When all they have to say is well thought and analyzed one must conclude that some of the ideas are very well constructed and that actually can be beneficial in solving problems in our society. Maybe they both do not have the exact definition to the origin of human history I think they give us some basic principles that one can thing about and expand on.

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