The Negative Consequences of Cloning Essay

The Negative Consequences of Cloning Essay

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The Negative Consequences of Cloning

Automatically when people talk about human cloning that tend to be negative. Most reaction is people shouldn't play god or interfere with nature. Of course there are negative consequences that could come from cloning. On the other hand there is so many positive things that could save more lives than it would cost. Yes Cloning involves risky techniques that could result in premature babies and some deaths. That is why public policy needs to be changed on cloning. The medical possibilities are endless if federal money is given to research and develop cloning techniques.
President Clinton signed an order banning federal money to be used on research of cloning and embryo science. By not giving money to develop cloning techniques, this leaves cloning to be research by private citizens and private companies. If public policy was changed concerning human cloning and federal money was given to establish national research centers and a commission to regulate cloning then black market of cloning would be seriously decreased. There is a current debate over whether or not the Food and Drug admission has any jurisdiction over cloning research. The argument is that the F.D.A. does not have the power to regulate medical practices. They only have the power to regulate legal drugs. As it stands now there is no type of regulation on human cloning research.
In 2000 congress tried to establish anti-cloning laws, but got bogged down in the ethical issues in reproductive freedom. The FDA has no jurisdiction to regulate cloning research, for most cases medical practices are typically regulated at the state levels. Cloning is legal in 47 out of the 50 states and 175 out of 200 countries. The three state...

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...the future. Federal money needs to be spent on establish national research centers and a commission to deal with certain cloning issues on an individual basis. Cloning does not need to be banned completely. Well the first question is, "Where would this money come from to fund this technology?" The answer is from government bonds. That could be paid back when cloning is further research and cloning becomes an optional procedure. Then the medical tasks that cloning could aid would certainly produce enough money to repay the bonds and justify the use of federal money.
President Bush needs to lift the band imposed by former President Clinton. When this is done then the next steps can be taken to fund the research and development of cloning in the United States. Only then came Americans truly benefit from cloning and medical revolution that this technology will bring.

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