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I have selected to listen to CBS (101.1) FM and WNYC (820) AM. CBS FM is considered to be a commercial radio station, were as WNYC is a public radio station. These are two entirely different radio stations, which I've selected to listen to for my assignment. In this essay, I will discuss the format of the stations, how they affect me personally, and the use of productions of each station.
CBS FM has an old style sound that works well with the program. The sounds are from the fifties, producing a scratchy sound, as if the music were being played on an old record player. This is done to produce the style of the radio stations. I love the way the station produces that style of sound, thus allowing the audience to adjust and become familiar with the station.
Listening to CBS FM, I've noticed the voice of the announcer to fit quite appropriately to the program. The announcer produces a fifties style voice as he accents his words according to the rhythm and style of the program. The words range from normal to high, going accordingly to the style of the music being presented. For example, the announcer says, "HELLLLLLLOOOOO EVERYBODY!" (Ala Buddy Holly style). By doing this, this appeals to the segment of the public, by sharing a preference for that style; attracting the listeners and even the advertisers wishing to sell their products to that target audience.
CBS Fm announced a short segment, which was very effective and very entertaining to the audience. This is an example of the use of productions in radio. The segment was about "audiences letters," and how some are bizarre. Well, the announcer reads one letter and answers the letter in a funny matter. The issue was, "a seven letter word that cannot be said on the r...

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... it is so important, therefore making their message very clear. Also, since they were presenting a charity and encouraging callers to phone in and pledge, sounds of telephone operators and telephone noises were heard, as the announcers were communicating to the public. There was no music that was used because if there were, then it would be inappropriate to the subject matter. Also, their voice and their choice of words were well presented to the audience in order to produce an educational and effective program.
In conclusion, listening to both CBS FM and WNYC, I've come to appreciate the different types of radio programs, beside the ones that I normally listen to. While listening to these stations, I come to notice my constant interest and involvement in the programs that were being broadcast. I very much enjoyed listening and analyzing both of these stations.

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