Sibling Relationships in A Yellow Raft in Blue Water Essay

Sibling Relationships in A Yellow Raft in Blue Water Essay

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Sibling Relationships in A Yellow Raft in Blue Water

Relationships play an important role in one's life. They are formed on the basis of love and understanding. Relationship helps various people in every aspect of life and assists them in being a better person. Such a relationship was found in the novel
A Yellow Raft In Blue Water. Christine and Lee had a unique brother-sister relationship. They cared for and protected each other and as well as overcame their fears of life. Christine did not believe in herself and tried very hard to be accepted by the society. Lee was the one who made Christine gain confidence and accepted her for who she was. Christine, on the other hand provided Lee with the motherly love that Aunt Ida had never bestowed upon her children. Christine and Lee offered each other the love and understanding that helped them go on.
Christine and Lee had a unique sibling relationship. Their love and deep concern for one another was portrayed in their feelings. Lee and Christine always had each other's shoulder to cry on. Their assurance for one another is what helped them advance in life. Lee had meant the world to Christine and without his advice Christine would not do anything. " He told me how to dress, and listened to all my stories. He would take my side against anybody. He would talk me out of a bad mood by telling me he was worse off" (146). This quote reveals the special bond between Christine and Lee, a bond that was never broken even during their separation. Moreover they were willing to do anything for each other. Lee had once risked his life to save Christine's, he supported her whenever she needed help, stood up for her and always cheered her up. Lee was the kind of brother who wou...

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...tine's relationship was irreplaceable in everyway, without each other they would not have overcome their fear of rejection and that of being isolated. They both cared for and protected each other in every circumstance. The bond between Christine and Lee was so strong that only death could break it. Although Lee died, Christine always treasured her relationship with her brother. Lee might not have been there in the world, but he always remained in Christine's heart. Lee was the only one who was by Christine's side at every moment, the only one who understood her and cherished her for her real self. Christine never had to be anything special in front of Lee, she did not need make up to look pretty for him, she was his sister and for Lee that was more than enough. Thus, the relationship between Lee and Christine was rare and it could not be replaced by anything.

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